Body Care Treatments

Our guests phone us every day with many types of pain.  Their pain ranges from mild to intense and may even be intolerable.  Some consider pain to only affect the physical body.  Intruth, pain can affect your self-esteem and emotional well-being as well.

Choosing natural pain relief therapies for physical pain or a treatment for the tensions of life will help not only your physical, but your mental wellness.

Solis Wellness Clinic offers a number of natural pain relief treatment therapies by Certified and Professionally educated treatment professionals.  Some alternative treatment modalities we proivde include massage therapies, advanced therapies, and acupuncture.  These are non-invasive treatments without prescription pharmaceuticals.  Treatment professionals work collaborately with other health care practitioners and do not diagnose medical conditions, manipule the spine, or replace medical attention and psychological counselling.

Treatment Professionals develop treatment plans to maintain long term wellness.  Our guests experience awesome results with regular treatments.



Deep Tissue Massage

Hot Stone Therapy

Myofascial Cupping


Relaxation Massage

Unwind the Belly